NexXthursday unveils inspiration behind his moniker, debut EP 'Natasha'

  /  10.26.2017

“All true, and something everyone could relate to,” is how emerging artist and producer NexXthursday describes his debut EPNatasha. The five-song project, which recently dropped, is anchored by something most adults have had some sort of experience with: a failed relationship. Gathering inspiration for the tracks found on the EP happened to be the least of his worries, as he was simultaneously dealing with what he calls a “bad break up.” “These are all moments that her and I were really going through,” admitted NexXthursday as he chatted with REVOLT. The first single from Natasha, the Quavo and Lil Yachty-assisted “Sway,” like most of the records found on the project is based on a true story. The popular tune, which recounts portions of an interesting night in a club, has garnered almost 20 million plays on Spotify and millions of plays throughout several other streaming services.

Throughout Natasha, NexXthursday operates as rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. The jack of all trades admits his knack for multitasking was birthed out of necessity. “I feel like you have to do the best you can with what you have,” he says. “I make my own beats, because I didn’t have producers.” He also records and mixes most of his own music. Here, NexXthursday unveils the inspiration behind his moniker, his creative process, and his debut project Natasha.

What’s the story behind your name?

I got the name from a disappointing situation where me and my partners had an investor we were looking to have invest in our company, and he didn’t want to meet on weekends or on most weekdays. Thursday would be his only day to meet. My partners would drive from out of town and in mid-drive he’d cancel on us and say, “Let’s meet next Thursday.” By the fourth time this happened, my team didn’t want to make the trip anymore. I was kind of upset, because I felt like no matter what, we gotta do what we gotta do, but that’s when I realized that we had to do it ourselves. We couldn’t depend on anybody, but us. I also wanted to change the sound of what I was doing traditionally. I sent my team several records, and they were like, “These are fire, but who is the artist?” I responded “Next Thursday.” That was our code/joke.

What does XX symbolize for you?

When I first started moving I didn’t show myself. My goal was to get people to fall in love with the music and not the antics or my Instagram. I wanted people to build with the music. For me, “XX” symbolized that it didn’t matter who I was or what I looked like. I just want you to listen to the music.

Why did you title your debut EP Natasha?

I lost my mom this year in April. Natasha is a situation with someone I had a relationship with while going through this whole thing with my mom. I went through a bad break up. You hear the different phases of what’s happening. These are all moments that her and I were really going through. It’s all personal. I express myself through music. Everything you hear on there is real.

You sing, rap and produce – what comes first for you?

On the creative side, it really has to be a feeling for me. If I hear a beat, it’s more about what vibe it’s giving me. I record in the moment. It’s really moment by moment, case by case for me.

You’re from Brooklyn, NY. Have you ever felt as if you’ve had to have a certain sound coming out of NYC?

No. I’ve never been influenced by environment. I really just love music. People tell me I’m not from New York, because I don’t sound like New York. That’s been a good thing for me. To be locked in a box that is considered traditional hip hop might not work as well nowadays.

So you don’t feel the pressure of having to bring New York back? [laughs]

No. I’m trying to bring me up first [laughs]. I have family to take care of. I’m focused on being them up.

You recently posted a picture with Hit-Boi on Instagram. Can we expect to hear a collaboration from you two soon?

NexXthursday: Yeah, we spoke about it. I have to get back out to LA. We’re going to make it happen for sure.



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