First Thoughts: Gramatik, 'Re:Coil, Pt. I' EP

  /  10.20.2017

Slovenian electronic producer Gramatik released his new EP Re:Coil, Pt. I today—on his own birthday, on his own record label Lowtemp Music, and on his own cryptocurrency (more on that later). Talk about boss stuff. On this new effort, his first project since last year’s Epigram, Gramatik finds a way to deliver a seamless hybrid of his East Coast Street Bangerz-style and today’s modern electronic scene in just six songs. About that cryptocurrency, a token named “GRMTK” allows the producer to have complete control over the distribution of his works to fans by using the decentralized entertainment channel Singular DTV. Owners of the token also own a part of his intellectual property and will receive a portion of his royalties, making Gramatik the first artist ever to become “tokenised.” Either way, the EP is dope so let’s highlight a few standout tracks.

“Future Crypto” ft. Branx

The intro, a favorite, builds slowly with a steady drum beat, but immediately gets your head bobbing. And a seesaw synth drives the track as other elements weave in and out, including a funk influence that’s sure to get a listener’s attention.

“Aymo” ft. Balkan Bump and Talib Kweli

Not only a single from the album, “Aymo” is a great example of Gramatik’s ability to blend seemingly polar opposite styles. On this, he does it with a Middle Eastern sitar riff, electronic drums, and a fire verse from Talib Kweli who’s using multiple compound rhymes: “Lean with it / rock with it / haters put a sock in it. / Sock puppets / not stopping nothing / so they mocking it.”


The only song with no features, Gramatik ends the album with a bang as always. “Halcyon,” meaning a time of happiness and bliss, features a vocal sample stab on loop along with driving drums, and definitely delivers. It’s uplifting, confident, and motivational. Hear Re:Coil, Pt. I in full below.


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