The Game has officially broken his silence to address the serious allegations that were recently made against him by the gossip website Fameolous.

As previously reported, the website claimed that the California rapper hadn’t been posting on his social media pages due to allegedly having impregnated a 15-year-old, with the site adding that The Game was previously unaware she was underage.

The rapper has since come forward to blast such allegations, referring to them as “felonious.”

In a new statement to Complex, the rapper refuted the claims and criticized the media outlets who picked up the story and gave “liars a platform.”

“This story is a lie made up by a child whom I’ve never met nor talked to in my life,” the rapper said in the statement. “I wish big media outlets would stop giving inaccurate news & liars a platform to tarnish their brand & make them look like the Enquirer.”

The Game began a self-imposed hiatus from social media back in August, with the rapper making a brief return to congratulate Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir on their wedding this week, as well as to make an additional statement about the recent blasphemous rumors about him.

“Not here to entertain lies or felonious stories,” he wrote on Instagram Thursday afternoon (Oct. 19). “Laughing at how lame some people are. Stalking others lives, fabricating stories to look like fools in the end. & here I sit……. Focused on my soul, my craft & my children.”

He also added a slew of hashtags, including “#TheInternetIsTheDevil,” “#WeGottaDoBetter,” and “#TheTruthShallSetYouFree,” with “#SeeYallInAnother60Days” confirming he’ll be extending his absence from social media.

The gossip site has since taken down the alleged screenshots from the teenager, citing that the decision to delete the text conversation was “due to people harassing her and her family.”