Tamika Mallory releases statement regarding conversation with American Airlines

  /  10.19.2017

Tamika Mallory, civil rights activist and co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington, alleged this week that American Airlines discriminated against her and mistreated her when they kicked her off of a flight on Sunday.

After social media messages, interviews with media outlets, and a press conference, Mallory has said that she spoke with members of American Airlines customer service – but she still hasn’t reached the resolution she wants.

Read the statement below:

“While I acknowledge that American Airlines understands there was mismanagement in the seating situation on my flight, I still have a number of questions:

First, the representative who reached out to me was not part of the airline’s senior management. Second, while the representative apologized for the handling of the situation, she was not completely informed about my experience in its totality — she was unaware of my colleague Mysonne Linen’s experience on the plane, or of the white male who interjected on my behalf but was not removed.

This concerns me because I was informed by the representative I spoke with on the day of the incident that all the information I had relayed to him would be forwarded to his superiors. It was not, and brings both the validity and credibility of American Airlines’ entire customer service team into question. Finally, we have still reached no concrete resolution as to the pilot’s conduct.”

I was able to glean from this conversation that the representative either did not want to — or did not know – American Airlines’ training policies, and protocol as to the removal of customers from the plane when there is no safety issue. While everyone has acknowledged that the ticket agent handled the matter inappropriately, what is American Airlines’ policy as to a pilot’s interaction with customers?”

Mallory and her attorney Royce Russell’s demands remain the same: for a meeting with senior level management at American Airlines, and for an investigation into the protocol of pilot-customer interaction.

According to The Coueur d’Alene Press, a spokesman for American Airlines said that they apologized for the mishandling of getting Mallory her new seat, but that the company “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” and that Mallory was kicked off the flight to “de-escalate a situation onboard the aircraft.” Mallory disputes the idea of her exit being an issue of de-escalation, since she says she had been peacefully seated for 15 minutes before she was kicked off the flight.

For more updates on the Tamika Mallory situation with American Airlines, click here and stay tuned to REVOLT.TV.


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