Gucci Mane, “Back On”

Beginning backstage at BET Awards, the clip then follows Gooch on tour across Denmark, France, and Belgium.

dvsn, “Mood”

A woman pours drinks, smokes a bowl, and undresses, all in preparation for singer Daniel Daley’s arrival. Plus, there’s a cameo from Carlos Ramirez, twin brother of the actor who played “Pedro” in Napoleon Dynamite.

Young Thug, “Family Don’t Matter” ft. Millie Go Lightly

Staying true to the track’s country influence, Thugger tends to his horses, rides a carriage, and puts on a romantic picnic in a stable.

Belly, “Man Listen”

Belly seemingly draws inspiration from Che Guevara and the famed ‘Blown Away’ photo by Steve Steigman before flexing in a red Porsche 911.