An alternate version of Rick Ross' "Idols Become Rivals" video is unearthed

  /  10.12.2017

It looks like when the idols become rivals, the rivals will soon turn out to be enemies. Birdman and Rick Ross rekindled their back in forth that was sparked earlier this year when Ricky Rozay dropped the record “Idols Become Rivals” off his universally lauded Rather You Than Me LP. “IDR,” where Ross toasted the Cash Money Records CEO for shady business practices with Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and others, instantly became the most talked about song on the album and a visual for the song came out in June.

Today (October 12), an alternate version for the video “Idols Become Rivals” was unearthed and hit the net. In the short film, we see the same Reverend scene in the church where the minister preaches to his congregation to “Trust in God, not in cash money. Because you cannot go to war against God chasing the cash money brother.” This however comes towards the end of the alternate version, unlike in the official release where we see the church scene to start off the video.

The alternate version of the video, directed by Christopher Latouche, commences with Ross driving his Mercedes. We soon see him rhyming in a room with no shirt on, writing with a plume. We then see a technician setting up a polygraph machine and Rozay sitting down to take a lie detector test. Further on, Rozay flexes his jewels and then we get to the church Old Mountain Top Church for the aforementioned scene with the preacher.

“You gonna trust in God, or you gonna trust in the gold chain?” the clergyman asked. “Brother, sometimes your idols become your rivals.”

Later as the video cuts back to Ross writing, we hear the searing sermon of the preacher prophesizing that “cash money will perish.” In the last verse, the Bawse rocks a Fila sweatsuit and then the video flashes to a throwback interview with Birdman sitting next to Juvenile in a sportscar giving props to B.G. We then see flashes of Ross at the Family Dollar store and Checkers.

After the MMG general asks Birdman to pay producers the money he owes, we see a clip of an interview with Bangladesh, who produced “A Milli” for Lil Wayne, talking about his situation with the label.

Rumor Report | Birdman sends warning to everyone mentioning his beef with Lil Wayne

“People don’t start paying attention till you say something. I’m the only one who is saying something. I’m like the Malcolm X of producers who didn’t get paid.

Just this week, Birdman hit social media with some heated words that were obviously aimed at Rick Ross, although he mentioned no names.

Ross responded soon after on social media speaking into his video camera on his phone saying, “Boy, you’re a year late and five years late. Pay that man his money. Pay that man his money. We know you ain’t right. Stop with the jokes nigga. Bring that shit. Bring it. Have no fear, all that talkin’ shit, all that talkin’ shit, that don’t work ’round here. Shut up and pay niggas your debt.”

Ross was unavailable to comment on the alternate version of his video.


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