Back in August, a white nationalist rally was held in Charlottesville, VA, resulting in the governor declaring a state of emergency after a car plowed into a group of counter-protests, causing the death of Heather Heyer and the hospitalization of 19 others. The driver, James Alex Fields Jr., was charged with second-degree murder, with Trump facing ongoing criticism for referring to the white supremacists as “very fine people.”

Two months later, Richard Spencer led a second rally on Saturday (Oct. 7), with demonstrators bringing along their tiki-torches and continuing to spread hateful, racist messages.

While Saturday night’s demonstration was much smaller (and less destructive) than the first, the mayor of Charlottesville still condemned the flash mob-esque rally, adding that he and his staff were “monitoring” the situation and continuing their work to “oppose racists and their message of hate.”

According to reports, about 40 to 50 “alt-right activisits” gathered in Emancipation Park, near where the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee stands. The statue currently is shrouded and is awaiting its fate of whether it will be removed or not, with the decision resting in the courts’ hands following being met with legal opposition.

“Another despicable visit by neo-Nazi cowards,” Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer wrote on Twitter. “You’re not welcome here! Go home! Meantime we’re looking at all our legal options. Stay tuned.”

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine also responded to news of the brief gathering, which reportedly lasted around 20 minutes, adding, “Don’t come back. Virginia is for lovers, not haters. We refuse to be dragged backwards.”

Under Spencer’s command, the legion of white supremacists was reportedly chanting, “We will be back,” “and “You will not replace us,” before dispersing.

See footage and some reactions below.