The Drop is our featured playlist on Soundcloud and Spotify that was created to keep you in the know with music from dope, rising artists.

1) “Gheeze” by Clairmont The Second

“Gheeze” is one track to take note of on Clairmont The Second’s latest album Lil Mont From The Ave. The 19-year-old Toronto artist completed the project in a little over a month – writing, producing, performing, mixing and mastering all of his music. “Gheeze” offers listeners a look into his relentless grind, getting attention from women, and paying no mind to the fakes: “Gheeze, I’ve been trying hard trying way too hard / Gheeze, I’ve been going hard since the freaking start / Gheeze, I’ve been going hard for my freaking block.”

2) “Lowkey Alcoholic” by Kai Mella

Kai Mella offers an impressive debut single with the upbeat, feel-good “Lowkey Alcoholic,” blending hip-hop, electronic and pop. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself replaying this addictive track.

3) “Test Our Luck” by Twelve’Len & Skott

When Florida native Twelve’Len and Swedish pop singer Skott teamed up to make a track for the first time, the airy, mesmerizing piece “Test Our Luck” came to be. With the support of Take a Daytrip’s dreamy production, “Test Our Luck” serves as a shining example of the magic that can be created through collaboration and blending styles. Sharing a few words about the song, Twelve’Len states: “Time is the gap between ourselves and our desires. Only we can fill the gap. We never know for sure, but know for sure we have to test our luck in the pursuit. And blow away those fires of doubt.”

4) “Sorbet” by Smino

St. Louis-area artist Smino offers his first solo single since the release of his debut album blkswn in March. In celebration of his 26th birthday (on October 2), Smino shares the vibrant Sango produced “Sorbet.” The track starts off with a birthday voicemail from a friend of his before Smino offers his rapid fire bars and witty wordplay.

5) “Boy” by July 7

Since the age of 15, Manchester artist July 7 has produced tracks for some notable acts, including Travis Scott, T.I. and Young Thug. The singer and multi-instrumentalist has been gaining more attention with his recent singles along with today’s (October 6) announcement of his upcoming EP. If you haven’t already had a chance to listen to his previous release “Pronto,” make sure to check it out here.

On his latest single “Boy,” July 7 offers some Latin vibes mixing bossa nova with traditional hip-hop production while extending an open invitation to “come and hang”: “What’s it gonna be? / Tell me if you wanna hang with a n—a like me / So come and hang with your boy.” If you like what you hear, make sure to note that his debut EP, Sweets, drops November 17th.

6) “2Free” by Rexx Life Raj

Rising Berkeley rapper, singer, and producer Rexx Life Raj shares the first single from his forthcoming _Father Figure 2: Flourish_album, out November 17. On the harmonious Mikos Da Gawd-produced record “2Free,” Rexx Life Raj ‘speaks his stream of consciousness and lays out deep thoughts meant to inspire.’

Alongside the release of the new track, Rexx also shared this message about his upcoming album: “Pre-order Father Figure 2: Flourish asap because I locked myself in the studio for the past year and reached into the depths of my soul to pull out the most genuine/honest/vulnerable Raj that I could find and then my big a– walked to this cliff (which was actually scary/dangerous af) because YOU DESERVE BEAUTY and also to show that n—-s aren’t scared of wilderness and water. Also I’m still working on my dad-bod and I thought it would be a good leg workout. BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAD A PART IN THIS AND ANYONE WHO HAS EVER SUPPORTED ME IN ANYWAY! I love the f–k out of all of you…it’s been a hell of a journey.”

7) “All Mines” by K̶A̶V̶A̶L̶E̶

Up and coming Toronto-based artist KAVALE releases a new emotionally-tinged single “All Mines.” The moody, trap fused R&B jam features KAVALE reflecting on his rise in his hometown while paying homage to his day one fans. If you like what you hear, make sure to check out his larger digital magazine project VRSN 3.

8) “WuWu” by Thutmose

Rapper Thutmose, who hails from Brooklyn via Lagos, shares his fun and bouncy single “WuWu (What’s up With U).” The feel-good track centers on sparking up conversation and making connections: “What’s up with you / won’t stop loving you / how you want me to / what’s there more to do?”

9) “Medusa” by Kailee Morgue

19-year-old singer/songwriter Kailee Morgue from Phoenix, Arizona shares her first single since being signed to Republic Records. “Medusa” was first teased via a Twitter video back in 2016, and now the final version of the spellbinding single has arrived.

10) “Do You Feel” by Bearcubs

London electronic music artist Bearcubs shares the first single from his forthcoming debut album Ultraviolet. “Do You Feel” is a upbeat, hypnotic dance track containing elements that are comparable to the music of James Blake and Jai Paul.

Alongside the release of the new song, Bearcubs shared the following message about his project (dropping March 2, 2018): “I’ve been working on something special for a while…I’m really pleased to announce that my debut album Ultraviolet is finished!!! All the songs on it are very close to my heart and I feel like it’s a summary of my life over the past couple of years. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. Much love and thank you to all who’ve been here from the beginning.”

11) “Sweet Time” by Raveena

Brooklyn-based musician and singer Raveena offers soulful, R&B vibes with “Sweet Time,” giving listeners an empowering message about self-care and self-love.

Providing more details about the track, she explains: “This song is about self love, which I still struggle with all the time, but I think cultivating it is the only way to be free. Women – and women of color especially – you are all magic. Please, please remember this in a time where the government still has control over our bodies, and stories of rape, abuse, harassment, and racism towards women and POC is rampant. Stay strong, build a community around you that will protect you from horrible people, and take time to nourish the light within you.”

12) “Sleep Talking” by Charlotte Lawrence

LA based songstress Charlotte Lawrence offers a new electro-pop single “Sleep Talking,” where she confronts an unfaithful partner about his cheating after listening to him talking in his sleep: “‘Cause you’ve been talkin’ in your sleep, oh oh / And you’ve been messin’ ’round on me / I thought I told you once before, ooh / I guess you wasn’t listening / I’ll wait till the morning, might just let you sleep in / Won’t you give a warning, just know that I’m leavin’ / ‘Cause you’ve been talkin’ in your sleep, oh oh.”

13) “No Info” by Lightshow feat. YFN Lucci

DC rapper Lightshow recruits Atlanta’s YFN Lucci for the third single off his forthcoming Kalorama Heights project. “No Info” is a super catchy, anti-snitching street anthem released just days before the big release, which is slated to drop on November 3.

14) “Light Up For You” by LOYAL

Fast rising, Brighton-based collective LOYAL share the title piece off their upcoming debut EP. “Light Up For You” offers a cheerful burst of electro-pop that may just get you jumping around on your feet.

Speaking more on the music, the band states: “LOYAL is a concept project, we are attempting to tell a story with our music. Each song portrays different chapters and scenes, though the story has not been released in order so how it’s pieced together is down to each individual. The aim is to keep our songs ambiguous, so they can lend themselves to traditional subject matters such as love and sex, as writers we want the meaning you find to tell you more about yourself than it does about us, like an audible Rorschach test.

‘Light Up For You’ represents the end of our first chapter. In this moment we talk of the highs of hitting rock bottom and thrill of a new start. ‘Nothing ends there are only new views, and we can light them how we like, new colours new highs to fuse and we will dance in our light.’”

Keep a look out for their Light Up For You EP dropping vis IAMSOUND on October 27th.

15) “Neither Do I” by stwo feat. Jeremih

French producer stwo teams with R&B crooner Jeremih for his latest single “Neither Do I.” On the slow-moving, but catchy track, Jeremih pleas to his love interest as he sings: “Do you know what it feels like to fall in love girl? / Neither do I / I say we find out, cover your eyes / Well go turn the lights out / I know you want it from the way you like to move, girl / Why you frontin’ like you ain’t got nothing to lose, girl? / I’m just tryna make a move girl”

16) “New One” by K̶A̶V̶A̶L̶E̶

Earlier this month Toronto artist KAVALE shared the emotionally-tinged single “All Mines.” Over the weekend he returned with two new tracks, including the noteworthy “New One” in which he speaks about his competition, gaining success and attention from women: “I’ve been on some new s–t , yeah I’m doing well for myself so I f—-d around and went and got a new b—h, she f–k with a real one, now they hate to see you shining man I feel like Stanley Kubrick, yeah that’s my word.”

17) “Stay Away” by Kyler Slater

Following the release of his lead single 4 months ago, LA based artist Kyler Slater returns with his dark electronic pop song “Stay Away.” The track is his second offering from his upcoming debut EP Vacant, which has yet to receive a release date. Speaking more on the personal meaning behind “Stay Away,” Kyler shares: “Stay Away is a cautionary tale, about a situation where I gave too much of myself to someone, who wasn’t good for me and who didn’t care about my well being or how things ended for me. Be careful who you let get close.”

18) “ChinChilla” by Jay2

Chicago rapper Jay2 of the Zero Fatigue crew shares his first solo single of the year. “Chin Chilla” offers Monte Booker production with intricate sounds and bounce, pairing beautifully with Jay2’s quick, witty wordplay. Speaking more on the creation of the track, Jay2 shares: “This joint was created in Monte’s living room when it start getting cold, but you know everything we do feel like summer.”