La La Anthony, Wyclef Jean talk hurricane relief on 'Drink Champs: Estamos Con Puerto Rico'

  /  10.04.2017

Puerto Rico is going through its most desperate times ever. The entire island has been devastated in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Over a dozen people have died and the majority of the population have been left without power (some residents have told REVOLT TV that they have heard electricity won’t be restored to normal for everyone until February) or running water, with scarce access to food. Basic necessities are a rare commodity. The economy has transformed to cash-only seemingly overnight, and the money is running out. People are literally lining up for miles for gas, to get what little groceries are left, and to pick up Western Union payments sent by family and friends. Still, even with those funds, what can you really buy? What’s left?

Families here in the mainland are being told by loved ones in Puerto Rico that the care packages being sent over are not getting to them. Buerocratic red tape has held up thousands of trucks and boats with supplies in parking lots and ports while people starve. President Donald Trump seems more interested and passionate about calling peacefully protesting NFL players “sons of bitches” than spearheading action to help our brothers and sisters of Puerto Rico. We the people have to do for ourselves.

On what is the most important episode of “Drink Champs” to date, Thursday’s airing will feature hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN speaking with a cavalcade of guests to discuss the crisis in Puerto Rico and its neighboring Caribbean islands, along with relief efforts offering real-time help.

“We just don’t do shows like this period,” says N.O.R.E., who proudly speaks often about his half-Black and half-Puerto Rican heritage. He still has a lot of family in Puerto Rico and they are engaging in neighborly aid of their own. “So for us to do this, it’s simply because it hit home to not only me but many others in our ‘Drink Champs’ family and crew. We got together for this episode to show the island they are not alone!”

La La Anthony, Wyclef Jean, Roc-A-Fella Records Co-Founder Kareem “Biggs Burke,” boxer Danny Garcia and radio personalities Ebro Darden and Angela Yee all participated in this episode. Anthony, who is working directly with the Red Cross for relief efforts defended the organization and said she would not partner with anyone she didn’t do the proper research on and trusted. This very special edition on “Drink Champs” can be seen on Revolt TV this Thursday, Oct. 4 at 10 p.m.


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