Jordan Belfort, the man whose life inspired the Academy Award-nominated film The Wolf of Wall Street, has gone from infamous stockbroker to motivational speaker and author. His latest book, Way Of the Wolf, offers insight on how using his Straight Line System the right way can prove fruitful. He sat with Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne the God to discuss both his new book and his keys to success.

For over 30 years Jordan Belfort has relied on the Straight Line System. Belfort describes it as a methodology that allows people who aren’t natural-born salesmen to identify and master the proper steps to becoming a great salesperson in all areas of life. “Sales is life,” he states. “You’re always trying to sell yourself.”

His Straight Line System is comprised of three key elements – influence, persuasion and sales – that when are mastered, can lead to success. According to Belfort, one of the most important of those key principles to master is persuasion, which he urged be mastered “ethically.” “You can misuse it, and I caution people not to do that,” he said.

More information on “Way Of the Wolf” can be found here, while Jordan Belfort‘s full sit-down with The Breakfast Club can be viewed above.