The man behind that hilarious "Bodak Yellow" video talks his girlfriend, going viral, and Cardi B

  /  09.29.2017

Meet Steven “Chicklet” Negron, a budding Instagram comedian and the chillest boyfriend to ever exist. Earlier this week, his girl Maleni came at his neck while singing her favorite song, “Bodak Yellow,” leading to the most-relatable meme of the year. REVOLT TV caught up with him to get his hot-take on the video, Cardi B, and the hit song.

How did the video happen?

I was hosting at a place in Brooklyn called Marthitas. When [“Bodak Yellow”] comes on, I already knew Melanie is gonna get crazy. It’s a thing we always do when we’re in the cut. People already know. They take their cameras out. That’s her song so I gotta let her be.

What is it about that song that makes people so crazy?

She’s talking her shit. People want to live that life. Everybody swears they’ve got haters. It’s a song that makes you feel like you’re talking to your haters and it makes you feel good. Talking shit feels great. I get like that when I hear that Cardi B’s song. It actually makes me want to run up on her neck and be like “THESE IS RED BOTTOMS, THESE IS BLOODY SHOES!”


Why do you think that video blew up?

Because people these days take everything too seriously. It didn’t even blow up in a positive way. Everyone loves drama and it looked like drama. People love to have an opinion. They think they know everything. They just wanted to put their opinion out there and put the video up. Some people didn’t know she was singing a song, a lot of people just thought she was arguing with me. If your girl is singing her song, let her be. That song is a tough song that makes you feel that way. Even guys get that way when Bobby Shmurda’s “Computers” comes on; we’re in each others face. That’s just the feel of the song.

Steven “Chicklet” Negron and Maleni Cruz

How do you feel about how Cardi B is doing?

Cardi B, personally, for me, is an inspiration. She started out just talking to her camera. I don’t care how ratchet she is or if I don’t like her personally. I like how real she is. To watch her come up, real, happy, smiling. Look at her: #1 in the country. She beat Taylor Swift. How do you beat Taylor Swift?


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