Empire is set to make its highly anticipated fourth season premiere this upcoming Wednesday (Sept. 27), with the star-studded cast gathering to celebrate their next chapter and recent accomplishments.

During the festivities, actress Gabby Sidibe, who portrays Becky Williams on the show and co-stars alongside Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard and more, took a moment to speak exclusively with REVOLT, sharing her unapologetically honest commentary about Donald Trump and the current state of racism in America.

“I think the world we live in is extremely racist,” Sidibe begins. “I think that there is a racist in office. I think he is a terrorist, with what he’s doing… With what he’s setting into motion now, racism is loud. It used to be kind of polite and sort of micro-aggressive, and now it’s really loud, and that is a terrorist act.”

After explaining how racism has become louder with Trump in the Oval Office, she then elaborates on the president’s recent racist behavior.

“To call Kaepernick and everyone who’s protesting, who’s protesting peacefully, sons of bitches, but call the people who are marching with tiki torches, talking about how they’ll take America back, they’re a bunch of fine folks,” she says, with her expression showcasing her disgust. “It’s so blatantly racist and it’s horrible and I’m really, really scared all the time.”

With a laugh, the actress adds, “I’m really hoping for a meteor just to hit us. Take us right out.”

Sidibe joins a plethora of celebrities, including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Cardi B, J. Cole, Russell Simmons and Mysonne, among countless others, who are speaking out against Trump following his recent divisive commentary and verbal attack against the NFL and NBA.

Take a look at Gabby Sidibe’s honest commentary in the clip above.