As fans can attest, J. Cole isn’t a frequent visitor to social media, making his recent commentary hold that much more weight.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday (Sept. 24) the Dreamville emcee decided to break his silence, adding his own two cents in support of the ongoing NFL protest movement, spearheaded by Colin Kaepernick, calling for fans to boycott the NFL entirely.

After nearly a month refraining from using the social media platform, Cole took to Twitter to ask his followers, “How you make a thread,” in turn garnering the attention of those who have been eager for the beloved emcee to make a statement.

“Thanks. Been gone too long twitter i missed too much s–t,” he begins, first thanking his fans for their support following his recent tour run. “Never said thank you for the best tour. Thank you. Europe we at your neck soon.”

Following the formality of a greeting, as well as after making a brief shout out to Cardi B, Cole then really gets into it, writing over a dozen tweets expressing his opinion regarding the current state of politics and sports merging.

“God bless every player that finds courage to kneel today,” the rapper begins. “But the real power comes from you deciding not to watch.”

He then explains how those tuning into the NFL help the league and its owners make money, adding that the “same ones who speak out against Trump today, are the same ones that denied a qualified man a job because he took a stand against justice.”

Cole then further explains his position calling for others to boycott the NFL, coming to the defense of the still-unemployed Kaepernick and the movement he’s fostered.

Considering Cole said it best himself, take a look at his full Twitter thread below.