Cam'ron attends Emmy Awards, talks reuniting with Regina Hall and hip-hop winning big

  /  09.19.2017

—with reporting by Paul Wilson

Ever since Paid in Full became a cult classic 15 years ago, fans have been wanting Cam’ron to pursue acting heavily. While the Harlem legend has starred in a few roles here and there, it hasn’t been on a consistent basis as there’s a decade-long gap between 2004’s Killa Season and 2014’s Percentage, his most notable post-Paid in Full efforts. Well, the Diplomat’s General has a shift in focus. Cam is getting into acting and wants to flood the market within the next 18 months. As he told REVOLT TV this afternoon, he figured that since he’s taking filmmaking more seriously, he should rub shoulders with filmmakers and actors.

On Sunday, he attended the 69th Emmy Awards in Los Angeles and made a splash.

“There was a few Dipset fans [in attendance],” he said. “I was pretty shocked to be honest. I got to see a few different people that came down on me, like, ‘Oh, I like Dipset.’ I seen some people like, ‘Cam, I used to stand in line for your albums’ in the CD/tape era. People said, ‘I was at your concert here.’ They was shocked to see me there, but they showed a lot of love definitely.”

Cam even posted a picture of himself on Instagram with Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber.

Killa also told us about his most memorable exchange of the night, with fellow Paid in Full alum and Girls Trip star Regina Hall.

“You know what’s crazy? If you look at Paid in Full, me and Regina never shot any scenes together,” he said. “But we wasn’t really on set too much together. But what was really dope about [seeing her at the Emmys], she was like, ‘Cam.’ I was like, ‘Regina, congratulations on everything you’re doing.’ She was like, ‘How’s your son doing? You have a son, right? I remember you had to leave set and rush back because your son was being born.’ I was like, that’s crazy [she] remembers that. When we was shooting Paid in Full, my son was being born and I had to take a jet and fly back the next day. My baby mother still gives me hell about it, jokingly, of course—well, not still—about how I wasn’t there when my son was born. I was six, seven hours late. My son is going to be 17 this year. The fact she remembered that was pretty cool.”

Cam that it was cool to see people from Black culture pick up wins at the Emmys and that he was especially pleased to see Donald Glover, someone from hip-hop culture, garner a win.

“It’s great,” Killa said. “Being from that culture, it’s absolutely great. It’s been a while. Just jumping off the Emmy topic and more into [music], I recently re-did the Vanessa Carlton, “A Thousand Miles.” I did “10,000 Miles.” I seen her talk about it in an article; she was like, ‘Wow, my song made it to a rap song. That’s how you know you made it.’ I was like, wow, that’s basically the shoe on the other foot. Where maybe five to 10 years ago, it was like pop culture is acknowledging urban culture, now it’s like the shoe is on the other foot.”

Martin Lawrence and Cam’ron

On Sunday at the Emmy Awards, Lena Waithe became the first Black woman to win for Outstanding Comedy Writing and Sterling K. Brown became the first Black man to win Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in almost 20 years. Beside winning Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series, Donald Glover became the first Black person ever to win for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.


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