After Hurricane Harvey ferociously made its way through Texas last weekend, wreaking havoc across the Lone Star state and its surrounding areas, Houston’s leading hip-hop artists have come together to help coordinate and organize various relief efforts.

Paul Wall, along with fellow Texan emcees Trae Tha Truth and Bun B, has been actively doing everything he feasibly can in order to help those who have been impacted by the unwavering storm’s destruction.

For Wall, the situation has been a bit of a surreal experience, with his mother losing her home due to flooding while his own house remained in tact. The Grammy-nominated rapper spoke to REVOLT about his personal experience witnessing how the damage spared some parts of Houston and the affect that has had on him.

“It’s like a tale of two Houstons right now,” Wall explained during a conversation with REVOLT. “Part of the city is still underwater right now, like completely. Some people lost everything. Their life savings, everything they’ve been working their whole lives to achieve, to get, they lost it all. And then there’s other people who didn’t lose anything.”

The rapper then revealed that his home was one that was spared from experiencing extensive damage, explaining that he feels that means he was meant to go even harder to help others who weren’t as fortunate.

“My house we didn’t get any flood at all,” he explained. “My mom lost everything. She lost her whole house but us we didn’t lose anything, so I feel like God spared some of us so we can be energized to take the charge and lead the efforts to give back. We’re all just coming together as a city, having each other’s back, picking each other up. Some of us are stronger so we can lift a little bit more, you know what I’m saying.”

Wall also touched on the amicable spirit of the communities of Houston, adding that everyone is just trying to help where help is needed.

Take a look at REVOLT’s sit-down with Paul Wall in the clip above.