The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey continues to impact the entire nation, with citizens from both inside and outside Texas’ borders coming together to help get involved with relief efforts.

As the Lone Star state and the surrounding affected areas begin to rebuild and recover, a slew of celebrities, community leaders and hip-hop artists alike have all been tirelessly working to be there for victims of the national disaster, with Houston being hit the hardest. With Bun B and Trae Tha Truth helping lead aid efforts, they have also found themselves being supported from artists far and wide, with Miami’s Zoey Dollaz traveling all the way from Florida to do his part.

After recruiting some friends in Miami to join his relief trip, with the rapper asking for his hometown supporters to donate whatever they could, he and his crew packed up U-Haul trucks with food, supplies and jet-skis to help out as best they can in Houston. Additionally, Dollaz was able to partner with LRG Clothing, with their combined efforts resulting in a massive donation of clothes totaling $250,000.

While Dollaz was in the middle of helping load trucks, organize supplies and other various volunteer tasks, he took a break to speak exclusively with REVOLT about his recent experiences in Houston.

“My name is Zoey Dollaz and I represent Miami, Florida,” he begins, introducing himself. “In the few days I’ve been here, I’ve just been helping people out, you know. Rescuing people from their homes, dropping all the supplies off to the places that are accepting donations and just helping.”

Elaborating as to why he felt compelled to get involved, the rapper shares it has to do with putting himself in the shoes of those affected by the storm.

“This whole mission has been about help. It was heartbreaking seeing those people with no homes and I know those people felt super helpless,” he adds. “It was like, What if I was in that position.. I would definitely want people to help as well.”

Take a look at Zoey Dollaz touching on his time volunteering in Texas in the exclusive video above.