We were all rooting for you, how dare you? This season of Power has damn near given us all heart palpitations and we can thank Rotimi’s character Dre for many an anxious moment.

The ambitious D-Boy that obviously cannot be reformed was responsible directly or indirectly (but mostly directly) for Tariq St. Patrick falling under the treacherous influence of Kanan and getting kidnapped, Julio getting murdered by his old crew, Tommy losing his coke clientele, and the brewing war between the tag team of Ghost and Tommy vs. the Jimenez. A lot has changed from the middle of Season 3 when it looked like Dre could actually blossom into one of the show’s heroes. This year, he’s turned in a character you love to hate. Quite the manipulator he is.

“It’s kinda like art imitating life,” Rotimi told us about his character’s arc. “As he’s growing, the more workload [there is] for me. As an actor, to be able to hone in and do what I do and work. Even for him, it’s the same thing. He has to do what he has to do and work hard. Separate himself from Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan and be his own man. Figure out what does that mean. Does he need them, does he not? It’s interesting to see the growth.”

In real life, Rotimi is not just growing as an actor, but as an musical artist as well. 50 Cent’s newest G-Unit signee released an eight-song project called Jeep Music a few weeks ago and all summer he’s been on the road with Wale and August Alsina in speedster outings.

“I’m blessed because I’ve got a boss that wants me to do that,” he said of 50. “He’s like, ‘I’m here for you, I’m your blanket if you need me. But at the same time, I need you to be your own man.’ But it works. Every question I need, I can call any of [the G-Unit]. It’s a family. Same thing like the Power family. I’m just in a great situation.”

What in the devil will be the domino effect of Dre’s chicanery? Fasten your seatbelts. Sunday is the season finale of Power at 9pm on STARZ.