For fans of Power, the moment of truth went down last night. The season finale aired and yet the millions of followers that the hit show has amassed are still recovering from last week’s episode in which teenage character Raina St. Patrick (played by Donshea Hopkins) was brutally killed by crooked cop Ray Ray (Marcus Callender) while standing up for her brother Tariq.

Central to the death is Ray’s young cousin Destiny, played by actress Andrea-Rachel. It is believed that Destiny was a bit of a pawn in Kanan’s and Ray Ray’s plan to lure Tariq deeper into their crew’s underworld abyss. However, as Rachel told REVOLT TV exclusively, her character has genuine interest in Tariq.

“You see, that’s what people interpreted. They think that 50 [Cent]’s character Kanan kind of gave Destiny to Tariq,” she described. “But I see it as, because of the conversation that happened on set, I see it as they kinda liked each other that first day she was in the kitchen. They did the googly eyes that kids do. She was with [sleeping with Tariq] regardless of the situation. I think that she really likes him. She might not know why. It may be that this is the first time she has somebody around her, around her age, because I think he’s a little younger than her. But I think she really does like him.”

“It wasn’t a set-up,” she continued. “People are like, ‘Oh no, this is Kanan. All Kanan. Like, he gave this girl to [Tariq] and he knew.’ But I really, really thinkg that [Destiny’s affection towards Tariq] was genuine. She likes him. She doesn’t have anyone like that around her. Like, everyone’s bad and he’s the new face.”

In the aired episode, Tariq confides in Destiny that he took part in a serious crime, and she offers to meet him and provide him with lean. When Tariq shows up to the meeting place, he isn’t greeted by the young lady he claims as his girlfriend, but by a gun-toting Ray Ray. Tariq then flees and, while he hides, Raina confronts the crooked officer and meets her untimely death.

What are your thoughts? Shady set-up or cursed coincidence?