As the details of the destruction that Hurricane Harvey caused continue to roll in, the magnitude of the storm becomes even more clear.

The southeastern portion of Texas and Louisiana have been bombarded with heavy rains, winds, and flooding since the storm, that has since been downgraded to a tropical depression, made landfall six days ago. Several towns in the affected area have neighborhoods that are now said to resemble lakes.

The hurricane responsible for the loss of at least 37 lives has also left thousands of households without running water, working electricity, and clear roads. Many people seeking refuge from the high waters have found a temporary place of safety in shelters, as well bowling alleys, local churches, and any other place willing to offer its space as a safe haven.

The New York Times reports that there were two explosions at a chemical plant nearby in Houston. The French-owned Arkema plant, located in Crosby, said in a statement that its facilities had been overwhelmed by what the company had called “unprecedented flooding” and warned that there’s a possibility of more explosions. “We want local residents to be aware that the product is stored in multiple locations on the site, and a threat of additional explosion remains,” said the plant, which has been closed since Friday.

In the aftermath of all the devastation, there has also been an outpouring of support for those affected by the tragedy. Stories of heroic acts of kindness have flooded news articles covering the destructive storm. So far, according to CNN, corporate businesses alone have altogether put forward $70 million in aid relief.

Artists from Beyoncé to Lil B have pledged to offer their support in one form or another to victims of Harvey. T.I. contributed to relief efforts as well, while also urging followers to be wary of supporting organizations like the Red Cross and Joel Osteen. The popular evangelical pastor has been under fire for not lending more of an immediate helping hand to those in need during the storm.

Harvey is expected to continue to head northeast. Forecasters are expecting remnants of the storm to hit Tennessee and Kentucky tomorrow. To keep in tune with the latest Harvey coverage, stay tuned to REVOLT TV.