Flavor Flav and Chuck D were the founding members of the 80’s rap group Public Enemy. Along with Professor Griff, Khari Wynn, DJ Lord and the S1W group, Public Enemy released hit singles such as ‘Fight the Power,’ ‘Don’t Believe The Hype,’ and ‘911 Is A Joke.’ Now it appears money has officially torn the group apart.

As per documents filed by Flavor Flav’s lawyer on Tuesday, Flav is suing Chuck D and members of the group’s management and production team for unpaid royalties and for using his voice and image without his consent. According to Flavor Flav, real name Willliam J. Drayton, despite writing over 50 songs for Public Enemy, it’s been several years since he’s received a royalty check. He also says the group used unapproved image and vocals on the recently released album, Nothing Is Quick in the Desert.

“On or about June 29, 2017, Drayton was shocked to see that a new ‘Public Enemy’ album was being released, and his image was being used in multiple media outlets to promote the album,” the court documents read. “He had never heard of the album, nor heard any of the final mixes.”

The lawsuit also alleges that “despite Drayton’s position in Public Enemy, the group’s management and related companies have for years attempted to minimize his role in the Public Enemy business while continuing to rely upon Drayton’s fame and persona to market the brand.”

Flavor Flav also claims that he has not been paid for Public Enemy merchandise being sold bearing his name and image.