Young Futura is a collaboration between French Los Angeles-based producer Futura (aka YMNO) and Washington, D.C. rapper Beau Young Prince.

The names Young and Futura are close to the hearts of both of these artists, as they happen to be their names given by birth. Influenced by their respective cities, Young Futura translate their surroundings and moments into smooth and enriching musical melodies. Futura’s exploration of musical themes, where he bends genres, creates mood-setting, bass-bumping tracks that provide the perfect space for Beau Young Prince’s unique nod to revivalist flows. BYP provides a layer as a lyricist that has smooth, positive, and groovy-spitting wisdom and unforgettable harmonies.

Get to know Young Futura in their own words:

My sound in five words or less: Futuristic, groovy, next-level sonics.

Best part of making this video: Flying over to Paris to link with the amazing production crew in order to execute our vision. Stephen killed it with the body contortions. I don’t know…everything came together so smoothly. Baguettes.

What inspires your art: We are inspired by the living and dead things around us. Essentially, the lives we lead influence the things we produce. It’s a vibe, it’s a wave, it’s the groove! Life experiences shape our unique perspective, and we manifest these ideals and feelings into sound and visuals. If it’s groovy then it inspires us. We love the era of music where people danced like crazy in the function, or you would hit the disco and spend all night getting down. We just bringing that fun back into music.

Explain the concept of the song in one sentence: “Slide” is a futuristic hip-hop record that combines elements of rap, electronic music, and go-go to create a dancing atmosphere.

IG, Twitter, or Snapchat? We prefer Twitter and Instagram but our handle is the same across all social media! @YoungFutura @BeauYoungPrince @HeyFutura

What goes down in my DMs’: Wouldn’t y’all like to know…😜


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