Trina told us almost 20 years ago she was the “Baddest Bitch,” and currently, she may be the most hard working. The Liberty City, Fla. native is knee high boots deep into production on two albums as well a TV series. Trina’s sixth solo LP, The One, is slated to drop in October while her joint duo album with Trick Daddy, and her TV show Love and Hip-Hop: Miami are scheduled to arrive in January. Trina talks about her new projects, female unity, and hate on social media this week on “Drink Champs.”

“Its definitely catty,” Trina began to explain to hosts Nore and DF EFN. When N.O. told her he didn’t know what “catty” meant, she broke it down.

Run the Jewels bring Trina out for “Panther Like a Panther” at Rolling Loud

“‘Catty’ means girls, women are emotional. Emotions mean there a are a lot of things about yourself you may not like. So when you’re around other women and you see confidence, that makes you salty,” she continued. “That’s how I survived, there’s no cattiness over here darling. I’m always gonna uplift you, ‘dang your butt is poppin, your boobs are sittin up. Everything is looking very youthful.’ I love it. Women don’t know how to give other women props and credit. That’s women in general, in life. Not just in hip-hop. It’s always something, it’s always good when we at the bottom. If somebody come up a little higher than somebody else, somebody ain’t going to like that.”

Trina also talks about why she wanted to work with almost every major female artist in the game. You can see and hear everything, this Thursday only on Revolt TV when “Drink Champs” airs at 10 PM.