Luv The Rage 2, Lil Uzi Vert’s highly anticipated project, finally hit online retailers this past Friday. Unsurprisingly, a highlight of the sequel to 2016’s Luv The Rage is the Pharrell-assisted “Neon Guts.”

The over four-minute track, similar in fashion to many of the songs Sk8board P has blessed with his presence as of late, finds the Grammy Award-winner dropping gems that can easily fly over listeners’ head if not given the proper attention. Sprinkled throughout hooks, verses and adlibs, lines like “I got a colorful aura, like I got neon guts,” which promote the I Am Other’s founder’s agenda of uniqueness, individuality and eccentricity, have become a standard in his music. Here, we point out some of Pharrell’s most philosophical and thought-provoking lyrics.

Admit it, I move like amoeba I float in the room like I’m reefer” — Lil Uzi Vert ft. Pharrell “Neon Guts”

I told you drones was on your home, need to free your ass / And once you learn it’s your turn, nigga, we don’t ask” — Mike WiLL Made It ft. Station Wagon P “Aries (YuGo)”

These niggas hit the weed then they lean niggas, gee, nigga / If you got two hoes, you need to let one go / Two Lambos, you need to let one go / All these drones while y’all smoke dro / There’s an eye in the sky, I’m tryna let y’all know” — Future ft. Pharrell, Pusha T, Casino “Move That Dope”

Greens is a secret to the youth / Your goals are malnourished nigga” — French Montana ft. Pharrell “Bring Dem Things”

I feel like I hit the light switch (Yeah) / It’s like I took my family into a new crib” — Big Sean ft. Pharrell & Detail “What A Year”

They make us think it’s a race war when the war is in class (Show ’em) / Teachers come through the speakers, images through the glass (Foam) / Subliminal messages influencing the whole clash (Alone) / Black, white, gay, straight human beings all pee and want some ass (Chrome) / If you scared of different then you should not take the same path / If all lives matter when we mention black, why do you gasp? (Bro) / Behind our blue skies is the sun who’s surrounded by black (Tone)” — Thundercat ft. Pharrell “The Turn Down”

If you think that you high, baby look above you / It’s drones in the sky, there’s nothing you could do” — T.I. ft. Pharrell “Paperwork”

Look, UFO, bow, land / Skrr landed on the ass and Adidas leaf in the grassland / My finger got a yellow Pac-Man, Blow your purple, go in circles, so inertia / Go reverse it, no rehearsin’, gold is perfect / Open curtain, flow inversion, golden person / Yeah I’m nerdy, yeah I’m swerving / Yeah you heard me” — Tyler, The Creator ft. Coco O & Pharrell “KEEP DA O’S”

Witness and get lifted / Basic, nigga I was born in the basement / Shape shift, nigga I think like a spaceship” — Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell Williams “WTF (Where They From)”

All of my fears inside, side / Let ’em blow like ‘dro” —Twista ft. Pharrell “Lavish”