Meek Mill and Live Nation are being sued over a shooting that tragically resulted in the passing of two concert attendees back in December of last year.

According to recent reports, the rapper, along with the entertainment company, are fighting back and have filed their own court documents, reportedly claiming that the suit against them is littered with racist undertones.

As previously reported, the family of Travis Ward, one of the victims of the shooting that broke out at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, Conn., claims Meek Mill’s violent lyrics are to blame, specifically citing “Tony Montana (Freestyle) and arguing that the rapper has a responsibility to warn concertgoers of violence at previous shows.

Joel Faxton, the plaintiff’s attorney, told TMZ he is confident “the families of those shot at the concert agree Mr. Mill meets the definition of a thug.”

The suit also reportedly says that the venue allowed “thugs” to remain on site following the concert, resulting in the violence being incited, while also claiming the promoters didn’t provide enough security for the event. Live Nation and Meek Mill claim the family is resorting to racist stereotypes to make their case, with Meek questioning the legitimacy of the claim that his lyrics are to blame for the incident.

Meek currently is also facing a misdemeanor charge from a separate incident, following getting arrested in New York City for recklessly riding his dirt bike. More on these stories as they develop.