The second part of JAY-Z’s Rap Radar appearance has finally been released into the wild. Much like the first portion of the interview series, the exclusive sitdown is packed full of gems, inspiring quotables and interesting stories.

During the second installment of the podcast, hosts Elliott Wilson and B. Dot continue their conversation with the rap mogul, touching on subjects ranging from his relationship with Mobb Deep’s late member Prodigy, his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and why he’s happy to give Tee Grizzley his coveted co-sign.

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Additionally throughout the interview, Hov opens up about his family—much like he did on his new album 4:44—specifically diving into the rapper admitting his mother, Gloria Carter, wasn’t necessarily pleased with her mention on the track, “Smile.”

The song in question reveals that his mother is lesbian – a detail that Jay admitted he didn’t receive a blessing to divulge.

“We just had a beautiful conversation and it led to me making the song,” JAY-Z admits during the podcast. “I didn’t have permission to make the song.”

He then dives into further detail, explaining that he had recorded the song before getting his mother’s input on it.

“When she first heard the song, she was like, ‘absolutely not,’” JAY continues. “And I was like, ‘Man, this is so important.’ So many people in the world hiding and things like this and this will help you. That’s how we spoke about that song. I was just so happy at the person she became, it’s one of my proudest songs.”

While still on the subject of his mother, he also added a slew of compliments, including that she’s an incredible speaker.

“I’ve always had love for my mother,” JAY-Z adds. “I always looked up to her. Man, she’s so f**king dope. My mom has been dope her whole life. She’s just a dope person. Listen to her, she sounds like Maya Angelou. Her pacing, her voice is just so regal. She’s a speaker. Our relationship developed to another level as I started getting to know myself.”

Take a listen to the second installment of JAY-Z’s exclusive interview via TIDAL below.