As many artists can attest, receiving a co-sign from the likes of Kendrick Lamar is the ultimate compliment when it comes to bucketlist #CareerGoals.

Later this evening (Aug. 25), on the same date of 19-year-old rapper XXXTentacion’s debut album release, the iconic West Coast emcee took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the young rapper’s new release, a project titled 17. Much to the surprise of hip-hop fans across the board, Lamar had nothing but support to lend to the teenage rap phenomenon.

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Taking to Twitter, Kung Fu Kenny shared his praise, along with a link to the project, writing, “Listen to this album if you feel anything. Raw thoughts.”

He soon followed up the supportive sentiment with another comment to further express that he was completely serious, adding that he was currently on his “5th listen.”

The tweets have already been retweeted over ten thousand times and counting, with fans of both artists eagerly weighing in. Many have begun swarming Lamar’s mentions, with fans finding themselves caught off guard that an emcee of Lamar’s stature was not only spending time with the emerging artist’s project but genuinely supporting it as well.

As reported, XXXTentacion found himself in hot water earlier this week after posting a brief snippet to Instagram. The clip, which featured controversial footage of what appeared to be the emerging rapper hanging himself from a tree, went viral, with fans expressing their immediate concern for the rapper’s well-being and others sharing their distaste regarding the decision. He has since come forward to clarify the context of the post, insisting that the clip was part of a fictional music video, going on to state that he would never glamorize the act of suicide, let alone to promote his new music.

Take a look at Kendrick Lamar’s tweets below, as well as check out XXXTentacion’s debut project.