Wale may be hip-hop’s biggest wrestling fan, but the outspoken D.C. MC loves plenty of sports, boxing included. Like many of us, he’s been seeing the hype machine surrounding Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor’s fight taking place tomorrow night (August 25).

“Mayweather in 10. If it’s not in 10, it’ll be a unanimous decision,” Wale told REVOLT TV in his prediction for the latest “Fight of the Century.”

“I think it’s a spectacle though. It’s just a spectacle. I respect Mayweather’s business savvy. But if you a wrestling fan, you know what a ‘work’ is. Mayweather ain’t probably trying to knock him out. I think they’re closer than people think. I think they’re friends for real. It’s the heist of the century. This is one step above [Mayweather] fighting Big Show at Wrestlemania [24]. It’s almost the same thing. But I respect Mayweather. That’s somebody I would love to learn from. He’s one of the best, bro. He don’t smoke, he don’t drink, he just makes money, man.”

Using the wresting terms that refer to a bad guy vs. a good guy, Wale added, “[Mayweather] knows how to promote himself, whether ‘heel’ or ‘face.’”