“Super Thug,” “Papi,” “Drink Champ.” We’ve called N.O.R.E many a great title in his 20-year career, and now we can add Patriot. That’s right, Patriot – and not The football team either.

Nore says that he’s not feeling that American boxing fans are rooting for fighting Irishman Connor McGregor to win over the U.S.’s own Floyd Mayweather. Especially in light of the fact that McGregor used racially offensive such as “monkey” and “boy” when referring to Mayweather and The Money Team.

“If you Black, Latino of this culture–And I don’t mean to start off a race war–even if you White, you should be rooting for Mayweather,” N.O.R.E said last night on “Drink Champs.” He And DJ EFN were engaged in a serious convo with guest Adrien Broner about Saturday’s match. N.O.R.E said the U.S. should support their fighters.

“Number one because [Floyd] is from America and this is America muthafucka,” Nore continued. “Two, just for that racist comments] let’s make some noise for whopping [McGregor’s] ass.”

Broner agreed.

“If the American people supported their fighters the way other countries supported their fighters, we’d be on another level,” Broner surmised. “Another reason people don’t know, I’m more of a star in Europe because over there, they don’t have football and basketball. Boxing is their second biggest sport after soccer. That’s all they got to watch. That’s probably the reason why boxing is so big over there but their support system is just crazy.”

Earlier this summer, Broner, as expected, told The Breakfast Club he fully expects Mayweather to remain undefeated when Saturday’s match Vs McGregor is done.

“I really wanna see him finish his career undefeated, 50-0,” Broner said. “Beat McGregor. Retire, have a nice life, and just watch me take over.”

Broner said Floyd won’t have that difficult of a time winning.

“Very easy,” he said. “It’s just like if [Floyd] gets in the Octagon. He’s gonna stop McGregor. McGregor never fought last what four rounds… You know what, I can’t even express the way I feel because I don’t wanna throw shade on big bro’s fight or stop his money or stop people from buying the fight. You know what? McGregor’s got a puncher’s chance and it’s gonna be a very entertaining fight.”