Adrien Broner and his “big brother” Floyd Mayweather are infamous for talking trash toward their opponents in the ring, and the tandem has been equally as unabashed when publicly dissing each other through the years.

From the outside looking in, it may seem like a vicious family feud when they are going at it, but Broner says the love is never lost and that he and Floyd having disagreement isn’t that dissimilar to what real blood siblings go through.

“Brothers fight,” Broner told hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on tonight’s episode of Drink Champs, airing at 10pm ET on REVOLT TV. “Me and my twin have fought every fuckin’ day. But we wake up and go out and it’s, ‘What’s up, bruh?’ Nothing happened.”

Just last fall, Broner dissed Mayweather on a freestyle called “Slammer,” on which he rapped over Desiigner’s “Panda” beat. But the have mended fences since then with Mayweather even serving as promoter on Adrien’s last fight against Mikey Garcia.

“That situation,” Broner began to describe, “when you get to that type of level of success—sometimes I do it with my brothers, and they be like, ‘Nigga, you trippin’ and they go off on me how I went off on him—it’s like, you’ll sometimes do something but you won’t think it’s wrong. You’ll say something that you probably don’t think is wrong but, nigga, you just said some bullshit. You trippin.’ And that’s all that was. It wasn’t nothing serious.”

Of course, Broner says he’s pulling for Mayweather to remain undefeated and win the highly hyped bout on Saturday (August 26) against former UFC champ Conor McGregor, and he doesn’t think Floyd will have too tough of a time garnering victory.

You can watch Adrien Broner discuss a recent crucial loss he had in the ring, why people should take him seriously as a rapper, and some serious run-ins with the police tonight on Drink Champs.