Scooter Braun, famously known for managing Ariana Grande, Usher, Justin Bieber and other high-profile artists, could be getting into politics. According to TMZ, Braun is being urged by some very powerful Democrats to run for Governor of California.

Several Democratic fundraisers have reached out to Braun. If he accepts, he would be running against current candidates Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who the party says are flawed.

The New York native is not shy when it comes to politics. He recently took to Instagram to criticize Donald Trump for attempting to do away with the Affordable Care Act. Braun also hosted a huge fundraiser for Hillary Clinton during her run for president.

As of now, Scooter Braun has not confirmed whether he truly plans on running for office.

Do you think he has what it takes? Check out the video below of Scooter Braun discussing Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” album at the Revolt Music Conference in 2015.