Dave East brought the Paranoia to The Breakfast Club. This morning (Tuesday, Aug. 22) the Harlem-bred rapper stopped by the morning show to talk about his EP Paranoia: A True Story while also speaking on his relationship with Nas, signing with Def Jam Records and unreleased music with Drake.

Dave East sat down with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne The God and shared the inspiration behind his debut’s title. Him having trust issues as a result of his lifestyle change over the last few years, as well as being a new father caused him to be a bit paranoid. “My life changed so quick,” he said. “Feels like I was just in the projects. Now I’m just everywhere.” Being a new father of a baby girl also forced him to be way more alert. “So me being a father now – I be more on point with everything. I have to get home to her.”

Following the announcement of the former XXL Freshmen signing with Def Jam Records, many people wondered if his relationship with Nas, who had previously signed him to his Mass Appeal imprint, was still in tact. “That’s big bro. That don’t change,” East stated. “I always tell people that’s more like family. That ain’t really no label or contract situation.” He also spoke on why Nas didn’t bless his little bro’s debut with a 16. “I didn’t want him to,” he said. “I just wanted him to talk on there. I knew that was going to spin people.”

Notorious B.I.G. said it best: Mo Money, Mo Problems, and it seems like East can attest to that. Since his success has begun to roll in, he’s dealt with loved ones switching up on him. According to the rapper, one switch up came from the mother of his one-year old daughter, Kairi. The normally private East recently found himself lashing out at the mother of his child on Instagram. “That was out of character,” he admits. “That was emotions. That was me mad.”

Though his debut dropped less than a week ago, Dave East is already teasing new music. Some of his forthcoming tunes will feature none other than Drake. “Yeah me and Drake got some joints on the way, some fire on the way actually,” said East. “I kind of got Drake in my bag. It’s not like the “Find Your Love” Drake. He rapping.”

You can watch the full interview and read more highlights from Dave East’s sit down with The Breakfast Club below.

On signing with Def Jam

“It’s better. It’s the machine. You see I have a team here with me this morning. It just makes you feel more a part of something. I got a real official label behind what I’m doing now. Whatever move I make I know everybody gonna see it. I’m actually happy about the situation right now.”

On chasing commercial success

“I feel like I got some joints that you could play on the radio now, but that wasn’t the deal before.”

On staying authentic to New York City without sounding dated

“I might have that dated flow or that ’90s sound, but I’m amongst all this young, wild turn up that’s going on, so I got the same energy. I’m just not turning up like them. … I’m glad New York is even in the conversation again as far as young people. It ain’t just the legendary known names.”

On Cardi B

“Cardi killing right now. Cardi got the biggest record. I watched the most shyest, quietest girls turn into the biggest blood, gangsta when that song come on.”

On rapping about material things

“I’m trying to motivate. That’s all. Life got a little better. I’m just talking about where it’s at now. What’s going on with me. Where I’m at. What I’m seeing.”

On support he gets from other artists

“I just be being me. I’m not really trying to get you all on my Snapchat. I ain’t really that dude. I just be chilling. We could smoke something, drink something, talk about some girls, some music. I don’t really be that extra. It be so many extra people in this.”

On his working relationship with his former manager

You can’t fire your brother. Me and Wayno came from the hood. What we did was legendary in my eyes in Harlem. The way we came in this together, but we both kind of bossed up. He doesn’t do my day-to-day management anymore. Wayno got the office now. He do all my brand consulting. Any major money or moves coming my way, he’s still a part of that.