Twitter has served as a way for artists to connect all over the world, and it appears that it’s bringing together two of the brightest names in music: Chance The Rapper and Bruno Mars.

It all went down on Sunday (Aug. 20), when Bruno Mars was responding to fans’ questions with the hashtag #AskTheDragon. A fan asked Bruno who he would like to collaborate with, and the pop star responded with simply an @ name: @chancetherapper.

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Just an hour earlier, Chance had retweeted another one of Bruno’s posts to a fan. When the fan asked “why are you da shit,” Bruno responded, “Jesus made me this way.” And Chance wasn’t only happy to hear that Bruno wanted to work with him – he apparently already has some dance moves to pitch the superstar performer.

“Wait wtf. I just retweeted a gem off your page only to find out you rocking with the kid?!?” Chance tweeted. “Let’s make it happen I already got choreo ideas.”

Did Bruno and Chance already have a collab up their sleeves, and used today’s tweets to build up the hype? Or did the pair of Grammy winners truly just now connect for the first time? Either way, fans of the two have something to look forward to.