On the season finale of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, Lil Kim is contacted by a deceased loved one who says she was his soulmate. Could this be The Notorious B.I.G. reaching out to the Queen Bee?

In the episode that airs Wednesday (August 23), Kim does not mention who the loved one could be, but she does say he will be featured in an upcoming song she is releasing in his honor.

“The man that is popping in, that I have to acknowledge, the feeling is that life gets cut too short or like someone passes away before their time and when he comes through he acknowledges a reference to music,” Tyler revealed. “He’s showing a legacy being continued on. He is referencing a dedication but in a musical sense. He acknowledges this hasn’t been done yet.”

According to Tyler, the loved one then goes on to reiterate that Lil Kim was his soulmate.

“There is an acknowledgment in the way this comes through of him basically bringing up this fact of saying soulmate, soulmate, soulmate,” Tyler explains “And he’s very instinct, like automatic insistent very, very…it’s like coming through so strongly. It’s like soulmate, soulmate, soulmate.”

Kim seemed quite shocked to know that she was considered this person’s soulmate. “My hands are sweating. That’s crazy,” she says.

Do you think Biggie was reaching out to Kim?

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