Australian-based rapper Manu Crook$ arrives today with his new 6-track EP, mood forever. Originally born in Ghana, he moved to Sydney at the start of high school, where he quickly gained a strong following, his unique accent proving to add an interesting texture to his delivery. Now, regarded as one of the pioneers of today’s Australian hip-hop scene, Manu Crook$ just finished a homeland tour with Stormzy and got the chance to open for YG and Danny Brown on their own respective tours Down Under. His braggadocious raps and take-no-prisoners attitude lets the world know what he’s about and where he wants to go, so let’s check out a few tracks:

“Day Ones”

The EP starts the way it should, with a tribute to his fans and friends who have been down since the beginning, hence the title. The repeating beeping synth, along with a great 808 bassline, is enough to rock the club, gym, or car. It’s a personal favorite.


“Ridin’” serves as a reminder to doubters and haters that Manu is now making both his own decisions and serious moves. The tough, yet equally seductive track details his desire to see a woman while her man’s away, and features dark, Weeknd-style synths along with a chopped-and-screwed closer. The production on this EP is top-notch and this song is a great example.

“All The Way”

Over a vintage piano sample, Manu describes his plan for the future, to take this rap game, well, all the way. Manu raps, “I ain’t really got the patience / I ain’t really with that fake shit / Never wanna be a basic / That’s why I go all the way.” With so much potential in front of him, if this is Manu’s mood forever, then we’ll be sticking around for it.