While Abby Lee Miller is set to serve an inevitable one-year prison stint for bankruptcy fraud, the ‘Dance Moms’ have brought in renowned choreographer Laurieann Gibson to take her place. Needless to say, Laurieann is here to shake things up!

1) Laurieanne Gibson is no one trick pony. “I am a choreographer, creative director, world changer, a dream driver, and creative visionary to today’s hottest superstars,” Laurieann says.

2) Laurieann is tough, she will not lose and laziness will not be tolerated. When Laurieann Gibson senses one of the dancers isn’t giving her best, she doesn’t hold back the criticism. “You can’t just go off of your looks. Lazy doesn’t get you number one.”

3) If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will do it for you: Many times during the episode, Laurieann reminded us that she is an A-list choreographer who has worked with the likes of Diddy, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and more. Miss Gibson isn’t shy about running down her accolades and honestly, she shouldn’t be.

4) Laurieann is all about fighting the system. Throughout Laurieann’s ‘Dance Moms’ appearance, she mentions fighting against the system that has been put in place to make young women feel as if they can’t fulfill their dreams. Laurieann does not subscribe to that way of thinking and uses dance and motivational words of encouragement to make sure the young dancers don’t either.

What were your thoughts on Laurieanne Gibson’s return to TV?