Last night, livestreamed TIDAL X: Van Jones, We Rise Against Hate Tour, a special discussion with the CNN correspondent at the Nashville, Tenn. stop of his We Rise Tour.

With a focus on the disturbing events in Charlottesville, Van Jones spoke to Constance, one of the people injured from Saturday’s attack, who withheld her last name “for security reasons…I still fear for my safety.”

Asked why she was in the Virginia city that day, she simply answered, “I couldn’t not go to Charlottesville.”

She continued, explaining her process of overcoming fear saying, “It was very scary. I was actually terrified about the Friday before, but there’s something about sitting with fear when you know you’re doing the right thing. And I was able to sit with the fear and I was able to move it enough that I was still going to participate.”

After explaining her family’s history of racist interactions and why she didn’t inform her parents of attending the rally, she detailed the day itself.

“I am committed to nonviolence. That is something very important to me and also all the people that I went down there to do this with. We were not armed. And we were not expecting to have to fight, and we definitely weren’t expecting people to actually try to kill us….People were shouting things, they were making horrible gestures, raising their arms, and then a couple times, like, making these ‘I’m gonna slit your throat’ sort of gestures, and then saying really, really vile things to us, [like] one of them told me, ‘I really wish I could lynch you’ and he blew me a kiss.”