On July 26, 2015, Styles P took to Instagram to deliver the heartbreaking news that his 20-year old step-daughter, Taj Hing had died by suicide. Today (Aug. 16) Styles and his wife Adjua Styles discussed the loss of their child, as well as mental health, the importance of family, healthy dieting and Adjua’s new book in a revealing interview with The Breakfast Club.

“If we knew she was depressed she would’ve been home or with us,” said the rap legend, as he spoke on if his step daughter had been depressed at the time of her death. “Some things you can’t see because some people won’t tell you.”

Adjua admitted that she believes Taj’s suicide may have been the result of “a culmination of all of the emotions” that plagued her at the time. There were several issues/things the young adult had been dealing with, including a recent breakup, her sexuality, and the absence of her biological father. “It ate me up, because I couldn’t stop the pain,” said Styles, who was brought to tears when discussing the void his step-daughter felt due to her lacking a relationship with her biological father.

According to Adjua, writing her as-of-yet-untitled book was a way to not only honor her daughter, but to also offer some insight into a situation that could potentially happen to anybody. She also wanted to lend a voice to those who have “thoughts or confusions or misunderstandings” that they haven’t been able to share with loved ones. She called the book a “big message of unconditional love.”

Styles P and Adjua also spoke on the importance of healthy dieting and the benefits of good health. Adjua went to culinary school and was raised vegetarian, and Styles owns a juice bar with Jadakiss called Juices For Live.

“As men, we need try to be healthy, because all of the healthy people are going to gather up and get in harmony,” said Styles, who was coined by Charlamagne tha God as the “first hip hop health junkie.”

Elsewhere throughout the 45-minute sitdown the deaths of Prodigy and Ruff Ryders-associate Ignatius “Icepick” Jackson, good parenting and the abuse of drugs amongst this generation of rap stars were addressed.

Check out the entire interview above.