—Reporting by Patricia Nicolas

DMX and his lawyer Murray Richman are already trying to find a way to lighten the terms of X’s recent house arrest placement.

Last week, a federal judge sentenced the rapper after he violated bail conditions stemming from an ongoing tax evasion case.

The rapper now claims his house confinement is affecting his income and that he can not support his family (including 15 kids) because of his travel prohibitions.

His lawyer reportedly wrote a letter asking that X be allowed to travel for some gigs in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Los Angeles over the next month.

The judge requires DMX to submit all requests to leave his home at least a week in advance, hence why his request to go to Atlanta tomorrow (August 17) was denied.

TMZ reports his attorney is “negotiating to get X out for some of the upcoming dates, saying the guy’s got 15 kids to feed and needs to make a living.”

His probation officers are reportedly not supporting his request to leave the house due to his current obligation within his drug program.

No confirmation yet on if and when the judge will make his decision on the request.