The Pantone Color Institute has memorialized the legend of Prince with an official hue of purple.

Teaming with Prince’s estate, Pantone has unveiled “Love Symbol #2” in honor of the Purple One. The color was “inspired by his custom-made Yamaha purple piano” and will serve as the “official color across the brand [Prince] left behind,” according to a press release. The title of the shade is inspired by the singer’s unpronounceable name change in 1993, which was later copyrighted.

“The color purple was synonymous with who Prince was and will always be. This is an incredible way for his legacy to live on forever,” Troy Carter, entertainment adviser to Prince’s Estate, said in a statement.

Prince now joins a rare list of celebrities and brands with Pantone hues. While brands and companies are no strangers to owning their own colors, such as Barbie, Tiffany’s, and the US Army — JAY-Z, who hired Pantone in 2007 to create “Jay-Z blue,” and Sherry Chris, President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, are the only people to have a color to themselves.