Bruno Mars, “Versace on the Floor”

After a glance in the hallway, Bruno seduces his neighbor (played by Zendaya) through their shared apartment wall, her dancing to the sounds of his singing and piano-playing until she finally does as the title promises.

Wiz Khalifa, “Something New” feat. Ty Dolla $ign

With cameos from Demi Lovato, G-Eazy, Jamie Foxx, Juicy J and more, Wiz and Ty throw a typical pool party from sun-up to sun-down with an innumerable amount of women. Unfortunately for them, the ladies have more sinister plans in mind.

Joey Bada$$, “Temptation”

Like a fly on the wall, Joey delivers his verses among kids and adults alike as they go about their respective lives in the city, from dancing in the streets and sitting in church to packing a gun and getting arrested. It all culminates to a free-spirited outdoor concert, but even that meets its match.