New Jersey-based artist Sean Will teams up with Dougie F for his latest release, “nLuv.” The Caribbean-influenced track captures the essence of love and dating in the modern age.

Speaking on the song, Sean explained:

“nLuv is about the honeymoon phase in a relationship when you’re calling each other at night to make sure you’re both in bed, so you can go to sleep at the same time. If you’re together and one of her friends call[s], and you tell your girl to ‘hang up; it’s our time’…you know, that real playful, yet super flirty point couples reach in their relationship. It’s the point where it’s just all super good and you can’t see yourself without this person-type of time.”

This one is just right for when you want to kick back and chill outdoors on a nice summer day with your special someone. Take a listen below: