Joe Budden has taken on a new career path as the co-host for Complex‘s debate show Everyday Struggle, and now he’s welcoming a new member to his family. The retired rapper and his girlfriend Cyn Santana announced on Instagram that they are expecting a child.

Budden revealed the good news in a heartfelt Instagram post. The black-and-white photo depicts him and a pregnant Santana, and the caption is a beautiful message about his gratitude for their relationship and her place in his life.

“I never had a friend in romance. I never thought that was possible. I never have laughed this much or hard. I never knew you or your energy were so radiant, enigmatic even, but I never knew you,” Budden wrote. “… I never not thank God for every intricate detail that make you whole.”

Santana made her own post with a loving note to Budden as well.

“Through our love, I’ve gotten even closer to God,” she wrote. “And through him we were able to create this blessing… thank you. I love ya’ll so much.”

Santana and Budden both posted multiple maternity photos and videos from the shoot.