In a surprising bit of news, the mother of rapper Wiz Khalifa has filed a defamation suit against her former daughter-in-law Amber Rose.

According to Observer Reporter, an attorney for Katie Wimbush-Polk – Wiz Khalifia’s mom – claims that Amber “impute(d) criminality,” which is “incompatible with her status as a grandmother and her status as a volunteer mentoring at-risk youth” since the latter requires cleared background checks for adults.

The suit claims that Amber Rose – real name Amber Rose Levonchuck – made a call on June 19 to a phone connected to Wimbush-Polk’s account. Wimbush-Polk didn’t have the phone though, according to the suit; a friend and former employee named Danesa Letic was using the phone in Louisiana at the time of the call.

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Lectic’s 5-year-old niece answered the phone, and according to the suit, Rose “launched into a profane attack.” The niece gave the phone to Lectic, and Rose allegedly accused Wimbush-Polk of being unfit to visit or care for her and Wiz’s four-year-old son Sebastian because she allowed her own child, Dorien, to die. Dorien Thomaz, Wiz Khalifa’s brother and Wimbush-Polk’s other son, died in February 2017 of complications from lymphoma.

Wimbush-Polk has asked for damages of more than $50,000, “including court costs, interest, punitive and other damages,” according to Observer-Reporter.

Amber Rose, who just announced the impending release of her own sneaker with Reebok, has not responded to the suit.