While SZA continues to enjoy the success of her acclaimed debut album Ctrl—she just released its third music video, this one for “Supermodel”—and Miguel continues to be cagey and collaborative-only when it comes to releasing new music, the two artists shared an unexpected, but necessary meeting of the minds recently. Well, kind of.

While walking through the Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Santa Monica, Calif. yesterday (August 2), Miguel shared a cover of SZA’s Ctrl cut “The Weekend” on Instagram. According to the singer, the track was the “most requested” response after asking fans last week which SZA song to do a rendition of. In his opinion? It’s a “foxy-ass song, definitely a favorite of mine on the album.”

SZA received the love and showed it back, re-posting the clip on her own account with the caption: “THE CASUAL SLAY.”

Miguel is now looking to cover an Isley Brothers song. Get your votes in.