Lil Kim and Faith Evans, “The Queen Bee” and “The First Lady.” Obviously they’re music royalty. Imagine the two legendary performers making a joint LP together.

While recently sitting down with REVOLT at a Ciroc Brunch in Beverly Hills, which celebrated the ladies of Bad Boy (Kim, Faith, Total, and Laurieann Gibson), we suggested not only should Kim and Faith go ahead and record a full length, but we even proposed a title for them, “The Royal Empresses.”

“Yasss,” Kim said of the suggestion and she even clapped her hands.

“You know what, that’s up to this right here,” Faith, sitting next to Kim, replied with a grin.

“We have to see if she can put in her schedule,” Evans continued, garnering a giggle from Kim. Faith laughed as well.

“We gonna do it together” Kim added.

Although it was the first time Kim and Faith sat down for a full interview together — ever, the two friends were naturally comfortable together and even started revealed their “favorite” songs by each other.

“They’re the ones that no matter where you go to, everybody will sing ’em,” Faith said. “That’ll be “Quiet Storm” and that would be “[All About] the Benjamins.” I won’t say those are my favorite Lil Kim records, but those are ill! Like, they’re so ill!”

“For me, it’s “I Remember,” Kim said of Faith. “That’s my shit, and “Soon As I Get Home.” Those two records is my shit.”

Kim joined Evans and The Notorious B.I.G on “Lovin’ You For Life,” a song from their own duet LP The King & I. Faith supplied new music and came up with hooks and verses to be paired with previously released verses from Big she culled.

“But for real, for real, I’ve been hearing you sing on your records for years, but Kim is singing vocals on the song on The King & I album that we have together,” Faith said. Fans were unsure if that was really the Queen Bee bringing her melody on the record.

“I’m like ‘Yeah honey, she’s singing,’” Faith clarified. “Y’all know Kim was supposed to be an R&B singer and then they made her be a rapper.”

“Exactly,” Kim chimed in. “She ain’t lying. That’s the truth. She compelled me to come behind her and sing. When I first heard the song for The King & I album, I thought it was perfect. I loved the beat, it was perfect. I was like ‘This is perfect.’ When it got to that bridge, I felt every word she sang. It compelled me, I wanted to sing behind her.”

“That’s what she told me, she said ‘I wanna sing,’” Faith finished.

While it remains to be seen if Faith and Kim will actually form a supergroup, record, and release an album, you can hear “Lovin’ You For Life” immediately. The King & I is out now.