Last year, in one of the most bizarre scenarios in recent memory, Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God found himself in the crosshairs of LL Cool J for one of 2016’s wildest moments.

As the story goes, the hip-hop legend had just tweeted about being the best to touch the mic and asserted that he could end any career with just one single.

“Drink Champs” | LL Cool J (Full Episode)

Following the tweets, Charlamagne acknowledged that LL was in fact one of the greats, but noted that he believed the rapper’s recent bars have been weak. In response, L clapped back and even challenged the host to a boxing match for charity.

During his appearance on “Drink Champs” last week, LL touched on this issue and revealed the reasoning for his approach. “My thing with [him], he likes to get on the radio and bully people,” LL shared. “I don’t like bullies. I really don’t like bullies. I understand he’s a smart guy, I get that, but don’t talk down on people.”

“I have no problems with him, but don’t bully, don’t be bully and don’t pick on people,” he continued.

Elsewhere in the conversation, LL also brought up the aftermath of his controversial 2014 collaboration “Accidental Racist” featuring country star Brad Paisley. The country-rap song raised eyebrows and questions following its release, as it finds the two stars attempting to put America’s brutal past in the past while tackling everyday stereotypes. But what was intended to further a conversation amongst a people turned into an uproar.

“Everybody was mad at me, and I understand their point of view, about the whole “Accidental Racist” record,” LL shared on “Drink Champs.” Now fast forward and look at the shape the country is in right now. People at that [2014] point thought that I was out of my mind for comparing a durag to a Confederate flag, but now you see little brothers getting shot down everyday for their outfits,” he continued.

“What me and Brad was trying to do was very real [and] now they’re trying to promote that same vibe and values we were trying to do.”

Watch the full episode of “Drink Champs” featuring LL Cool J above, and be sure to check out the upcoming Wyclef Jean episode, which hits this Thursday (August 3) at 10pm EST.