by Patricia Nicolas

Lil Uzi Vert is really “stackin my bands all the way to the top, all the way till my bands fallin’ over,” his hit “XO TOUR Llif3” is now certified triple platinum.

The Philly based rapper initially dropped the TM88-produced emo hit on Soundcloud as part of a four-track bundle. Then in late March, he formally released it as a single. In just four short months it has moved 3 million units, making it certified triple platinum.

Lil Uzi Vert has been building his rep as a rock star with great music, death-defying performances, and daring fashion. But having a triple-platinum single proves that this isn’t just press and stunts: his music is resonating. Lil Uzi took to his Instagram page to announce the accomplishment. “I died and came back wit 3 lives,” he wrote.

Producer and frequent collaborator Maaly Raw has said that Uzi Vert’s debut album Luv is Rage 2 is 90 percent finished. The record doesn’t have a formal release date yet, but he has continued to leak new songs in the meantime.