BK rapping upstart G-Sepp has been flooding his SoundCloud this year with a slew of notable highlights, including “Tsunami” and “Oh Yea.” Now the rapper returns with a new project, titled Wolf of Floss Street. As it arrives as a free release online, check out G-Sepp’s thought process below.

Who were some of your influences before getting into rapping?

Biggie , 2 Pac , Jay Z , DMX

What would you say allows you to stand out amongst this current rap class?

I built an empire from the ground up. My swag is different, the way I flow is different I’m just different period, plus I’m very versatile.

Tell us about how the tape “Wolf Of Floss Street” and how it came together

The inspiration behind the title of the mixtape came from a combination of two things: the movie “Wolf Of Wall Street” and my hometown Canarsie, Brooklyn — also known as “The Flossy.” Around my way, they consider me a wolf and with the nickname of my hometown being “The Flossy” or “The Floss,” I just combined the two and came up with this project. The objective of the tape is to motivate people to get up and go get it, no matter what, while also giving them insights on my life.