Old wounds apparently don’t heal as easily as people say. During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” N.O.R.E addressed the still-upsetting matter of Prodigy’s Queensbridge mural being defaced twice and subsequently covered up.

“I’m not qualified to speak on that,” N.O.R.E, sitting next to his “Drink Champs” cohost, DJ EFN, said when asked about the situation that had fans, rapper’s and all of P’s family and friends hurt and angry. “But it came from a big homie that’s in jail that don’t have nothin.”

N.O.R.E alluded to the paint being thrown on P’s mural being revenge for some of the situations and people he addressed in his autobiography “My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy.”

“I know you always big up Prodigy’s book, but Prodigy’s book hurt a lot of people, dead or in jail, alive,” N.O.R.E continued, talking to The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamange. “The guy that’s up there, he’s a respectable guy. Everybody respects him. He sent the word and it’s official.”

While N.O.R.E is staying out of any beef, he has actually learned from all the controversy.

“The one lesson we should take is to try and be better at life,” N.O.R.E added. “Me and Envy talk about the problems we have but I don’t have no problems with Envy, I’m sorry. I was buggin’. What I’m saying is, it’s good to heal wounds. So that’s what I’m just saying. I want to live life better. I want people to cherish me in death. Give me roses while I can smell ’em, give me smoke when I can inhale ’em, my thoughts when I can think em and my drinks so I can drink em. That situation I’m not really qualified to speak on. That’s what I heard and it’s unfortunate.”

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