The last time Dapper Dan was in the headlines it was for not being properly credited for his influence. This time around, the Harlem icon is making the news for all of the right reasons.

Months after fashion house Gucci ended up in hot water for borrowing style inspiration from Dan’s classic creations, VFiles has revealed their lineup for the upcoming VFiles Runway show, and it includes none other than Dapper Dan.

An expert tailor and trend-setter, Dan rose to ghetto fabulous prominence in the ‘80s with his flashy twists on high-end, luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fendi. His innovative designs were seen on celebrities like Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown, and were a favorite of hip hop stars and neighborhood D-Boys.

“As hip-hop grew, the rappers got more diverse in style, and I’m seeing that reflection in the upcoming styles in the streets now, which in turn has influenced the bigger brands,” said the urban legend.

In its ninth season, the VFiles Runway show has become synonymous with bridging the gap between some of the biggest voices in fashion, music and art, and emerging designers, as well as makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists. Previous seasons of the collaborative fashion show that is said to be “unlike any other” have seen the likes of Young Thug, Virgil Abloh, Tommy Hilfiger and Naomi Campbell hold down mentorship duties.

Young Thug famously interrupted a VFiles Runway show during New York Fashion Week in September of last year. He also rocked a dress made by a designer in VFiles network for the cover of last summer’s No, My Name is JEFFERY.